Angel D`Angelov, guitarist and the author of all compositions on this CD, likes to define his style a ´´gipsy jazz- rock ´´, as it includes elements of different styles, broken rhythms and melodies inspired by such distant origins as danish psalm, slavonic folk of gipsy influences. All blended in a sparkling artfusion, this musik bears its particular  moods- cheerful, thoughtful, humorous or melancholic – with ease and continous movement of flauless execution.




                                                         The Oriole Collection






    Let me start out by saying that it is usually VERY HARD to impress me but i am totally impressed by Angel D`Angelov. The obvious talent that Angel has is enormous and very inspiring. Please let me know if you are in a position to start a new album, i would come to Denmark in a minute !











 Karen Kane,  Musik producer

 (recorded Tracy Chapman´s  first recording ever )